Why wont it give me my primary role?

So I've been playing Bot for a while and I finally wanted to go back to my main role mid. I started the day by getting my role but my champ got stolen. The next 5 or 6 champ selects regardless of dodges I got Bot most of the time and got autofilled into Jungle. Why wont it let me play mid? I thought it was supposed to be good when it comes to primary roles. Edit: just got put into Bot 2 more times and one of the games our mid was fill and got put Mid and my duo was autofilled supp. Riot really needs to look at this cause this is not right. Edit: I started putting Jung secondary to hopefull sway the odds. I finally got mid and someone dodged, and then I got autofilled into bot again. Lucky my mid is awesome and let me mid.
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