"iTs cALled A coUNteR, LearN To PLaY thE MaTChuP."

Yeah dude, when I'm Yorrick into Mordekaiser, and he just presses R and I cease to be a champion. I feel so outplayed man, and I am just too bad at the game to understand it. Like, when I am beating him in CS, lane control, pressure, taking all the ganks for my team, getting tower damage, secured the rift, counter jungling, and he can be at 100 health, walk up R, shield, and kill me because I am not a champion at that point, and he instantly recovered a third of his life. So outplayed. Even when I win the game, not fun. To be so far ahead, and just do nothing for 90% of the time because I can't play the game. All the effort, all the good I did. Wasted. Yay Mordekaiser, Yay riot games.
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