Smurfing should count as cheating (especially in low elo or levelling players) because it creates an unfair advantage to the team that has the smurf. I have faced many smurfs while levelling up in league and it has been frustrating and anger inducing, to the point where I have lashed out. It seriously makes me not even want to play the game, I mean whats the point in playing if I can't have fun? I enjoy playing the champions (the ones I have unlocked that is) but not being able to win, do anything or even be useful is annoying and boring. Even worse is when im being matched with plat players when im level 27, like seriously wtf?! How in the high hells am I ever supposed to win that. The point im trying to make is that when you are a new player and all you seem to do is face smurf after smurf it ruins the game and turn me off the game. I know im not alone and some of my friends have quit because of it. Its just unfair and soul destroying. Some of you will say 'its part of the game' or 'just get better' and to you I say.... thats not the point.
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