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The client has been in such a horrible state, it's extremely buggy, it keeps telling me that it's constantly reconnecting (when my internet is perfectly fine), for some reason I always get disconnected from my games and thrown back to the client, and most of the time it's just plainly non-responsive and it's extremely inconvenient for use. For some users, such as myself, the client even refuses to launch after exiting making me have to restart my computer every time I want to open the client and it refuses to do so. It's been like this for months if not ever since this new client was released and there hasn't been any improvements made or perhaps none that I feel have been effective thus far. I don't get why this issue isn't the main priority of Riot when a large percentage of board posts talk about the horrid state of the client. How am I supposed to enjoy all of the "new content" they keep pushing out when I can barely get into a game?
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