AMAZING jungle tips & tricks 5 EASY TIPS HOW to win EVERY game!! (STILL NOT A SCAM)

Hey everyone! I know you all loved my ADC article so today with my vast jungling experience (I have a jungler in all my games) I bring to you some HOT OFF THE OVEN tips on how to win _every single jungle match!_ **Step 1:** DON'T pick Lee Sin! _But Lenn, you might ask, how could it be that easy?_ Well, glad you asked- it isn't! Unlike ADC there are actually more things you have to do. But this is a great place to start! **Step 2:** Use your eyes to determine which lanes have priority or not and which lanes are pushing in! (You can't do this when you're a blind monk) **Step 3:** Once again, use your eyes to determine which objectives you want to take! Probably start with bot tower and dragon!! **Step 4:** Gank the right lane!!! **Step 5:** Take possible objectives, jungle and repeat!!!!!! Also, ADVANCED players can even consider what lanes the ENEMY jungler might gank and then COUNTERGANK! Amazing! Even more ADVANCED players can give blue buffs to the mid laner and not brainlessly tax waves, but this is very rare!!!!!!! Most players don't seem to understand this is an option!! Tread lightly! **FAQ** **Q: Why can't I play Lee Sin?** _A: Well summoner, he was already in a bad spot unless you're anyone other than a d1+ Lee onetrick, and then with the removal of trackers knife and sightstone from the store, he has to choose between ward hopping and actual useful vision. No thanks!! Just because you want to LARP as a blind man doesn't mean I want the map to be blind too!!_ **Q: Well, I'm low elo, so that doesn't matter because no one wards anyways. Can I play Lee?** _A: Nope! Lee sucks! Really love it when people try to gank, miss Q and then fuck off to their jungle for a year, somehow go 0/2 before 5 mins, then come back during lategame teamfights and kick kills away but also simultaneously not do anything. And no, this wasn't just one Lee. This is every Lee._ _Jokes aside Lee just isn't in a good enough place to be consistently positively impactful unless you're extremely good with him. Pick Kha'zix instead._ **Q: What's this about "Objectives?" What is that? I can't just get kills and call it good?** _Actually, that's a great question! Objectives are towers, inhibitors, dragon, rift herald, and baron. Always play around getting one of these things! We all like a shiny KDA but these are much more high priority and are much more conducive to winning games. Never give up an objective for a kill! But for the KDA players, take solace in the fact that you'll probably get kills by doing objectives._ **Q: What's this about... giving up blue buff?** _A: Don't worry your little head about it._ **Q: Can I play Shaco?** _I hate you. I hate you so much._ Thanks for reading I HOPE I HELPED!!! Have a great day!!! I love you!!!
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