Finally quitting this game

I am quitting this game for 3 reasons, 1. I'm tired of having to rely on a team for me to actual climb a ranking ladder, because 95% of the games i play are trolls and people that flame way to much which causes a loss, which puts me down in ranking wich doesn't show my actual skill level. Like this game would be so much better if you can truly have a solo ranking without your teammates ruining it for you.. And 2. i just dont like how riot has handled all the trolls and afk's truly hasn't fixed any of it from the 3 years i have been playing. All they did was start perma banning accounts wich cause smurfs wich ruin the game play even more... And 3. It is now extremely hard to rack up on blue essence to unlock champions you want. In around 15 games you level up and get a capsule. wich usually contain around 3 champions priced at 450-1350 BE and you can only sell them for less and most of the times it gives you champions you already own. so in those 15 games you get around 500-800 BE from selling the champion shards you already owned. at that rate it will take over 100 games to rack up enough BE to unlock a 6300 BE champion. They only did this so its harder to earn champions from playing and instead if you really want a certain champion you now have to use your real money, wich is fucking pathetic. instead of trying to make more profit they should focus on fixing the games flaws.. Ok im done with my rant P.S. If Anyone can help me out in maybe finding a cool game replacement that would be really helpful, i wish you all you summoners the best of luck in the miserable times that come ahead in this game. One Love.
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