My Brother contracted Necrotizing Fasciitis (Flesh-Eating Disease)

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Une amie de longue date vie présentement quelques choses de très difficile, rien ni personne ne pourrais lui enlever la douleur et le sentiments d'impuissance quelle vie! Hier était la fête des mères, julie est la maman de 6 merveilleux enfant.... Mais elle a passé cette journée a l'hôpital l'un...
all the explanation are in english too . I'm his big bro just trying to share and do my part to help ( i do a lot more I've been tacking care of my 3 younger brother) I don't get out much Lol is the only thing I do other then work so I'm sharing where i can if you cant donate just take 5 sec and pray for him (who ever ur god is ) no 9 years old deserve to suffer that much
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