I think I'm burnt out on actually playing league...

It's too frustrating, no guides are up to date, stats are everywhere, fights last .3 seconds, everyone builds max cdr, balance is a joke, these prestige piss colored chromas are disgusting, only skin sellers are allowed to have fun. There's only 1 game mode (Don't even lie and say every game doesn't feel like an ARAM). Champions are nerfed and buffed based on their ability to sell skins. Not all champions have a fair shot at winning. Smurf accounts are the worse that they have ever been. There are bots in ranked now (at least at lower elos). Hypercarries aren't weak early game nor are they punished for doing poorly. LCS is cringe. No pro players have distinctive personalities anymore. The client is a buggy mess. If you die you can't see wtf you died too. Rioters don't communicate nearly as much as they used to on their own forums. Older players and newer players can't find common ground. The exhibited fan art all seems to be in the same carbon copy style. There are no sale announcements. There are barely even truly active people in the league community that everyone knows. WTF happened to league. Yes, the game used to look ugly. Yes, updates are awesome. Yes, not all the content is bad. Yes, Riot has made some incredible leaps in champions. But seriously...wtf is this game anymore. 5v5s is the only mode that matters it seems. The meta is static asf. Like really. I miss the days that the meta changed so fast anyone could climb with anything and it was great because you could have a Teemo jungle and a Soraka top with a Mundo mid and everyone was happy. Now ADCs are going top, tanks are a forgotten relic, Jungle is second support, and everything revolved around the damn ADC. I'm just... How do I file for custody? Because I'm taking my Darkin Boys and putting them in a safe environment. Just look at these precious boys {{sticker:sg-soraka}} https://66.media.tumblr.com/ad05f68ba0a0c125cb341035a880026f/tumblr_paakdlq8Fz1xwc4bzo1_640.png @theworld-ender on Tumblr
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