Nubrac was in the wrong and NB3 will go unpunished and here is why

I have seen legit 4 topics already about people defending Nubrac when he clearly did Grief his team. Stop defending someone who broke the rules of league and got punished for it he deserved it and here is why. Nubrac in his own words says "My teams Happiness does not and should not effect my strat and how i play the game" so what he means is Buying a support item going to mid lane and not bot while constantly being asked to leave the lane and ignoring it cause he does not care about the player only himself cause it wins right? that's okay? WRONG actually intentionally ruining games for other players other then yourself is against the riot summoner code and what he did that game was intentionally ruin his mid laners mental and bot laners mental states cause he does not care so he deserved the ban 100% and before Nubrac fans say otherwise i want you to actually look and listen to the 3 hour talk that NB3 Tarzaned himself and Alicoptor give Nubrac and realize that he was wrong. It is riots fault for instantly banning Nubrac without giving him the correct warning beforehand but whatever shit company yata yata yata. But when you grief a game the way he did intentionally ruining it for other players it is not right and you guys are looking past that and being aggressive towards people who have facts on it and follow the code just cause you wanna #freenubrac well it is wrong you are wrong riot says he deserved it so he deserved it. Now why NB3 will not be banned Nb3 will not be banned cause he only afk's once in a blu3 (funny joke) moon and not every game or every other game witch actually would be ban-able. Whatever he says in stream does not effect riot what he says in text in league effects it and only if it is targeting a player like race sexuality Where they live phone number age gender and more. He sure can get chat restricted for continuing to say worse and worse things to people but it won't and will never lead to a ban and he is doing that with the ACTUAL intent to win games not flaming to make people mad and throw or rage quit. What Nubrac did made his team Rage quit and threw their mental and threw the game. Now why you should not fill this thread with hate Cause it will just prove you did not read any of this and you disagree cause i said Nubrac is wrong and i will not pleasure your needs by responding to your comments cause you are just gonna continue to not listen. p.s If NB3 should be banned for being toxic on twitch and league then Nubrac should be too cause after all of that happened he for 4 days streamed NB3 without his permission breaking Twitch's TOS and also Influenced HIS OWN CHAT to harass NB3 and his fans when NB3 did not influence anything on his fanbase besides don't give Nubrac attention witch is what we did anyways cause nubracs fanbase just keeps on harassing everyone for legit NO REASON. END OF DISCUSSION
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