Bots in AI matches: NOTHING has been done about? Why?

I started to play League, sadly, over 1 year ago. I remember I met bots very often, since more expert players were calling them out (I didn't know what they exactly were at the time). Over 1 year after, I play some AI matches to complete my missions at the very last minute, and I find **4 bots** in my game. So, is it really possible that **nothing** has been done? Maybe is something silently allowed? Player number, account hidden economy... * I can't believe that they cannot **track** Bots's pre-coded paths, pre-coded builds, their nearly 0 damage to champions ("Jungle bots"), and so on. * I can't believe we can't have a **"quick Bot report"** in AI games, since it's so **frequent**. * I can't believe they cannot add a simple "bot check" *before to start an AI game* like when you create a new e-mail account, or so. This could apply also for Aram games. Better than releasing a new debatable champion, IMHO. Now I'm curious if these 4 accounts will be banned in the next days, after my reports (at the end of the game, of course). UPDATE: 24 hours later, **all the 4 bots are still playing**, and scripting of course :D There actually are no measures against Bots, so it actually could be a silently allowed thing.
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