Whatever changes they made to the bounty system because of "cs" has turned it into an awful system.

Bounties now drop for seemingly no reason. My bot lane gets a double kill? Enemy jungler's bounty disappears even though he didn't die. I'm not sure how to play around this. It's awful. Especially as a jungler. Enemy jungler is 3/0/0 with 48 cs (3538 gold), and a 500g bounty. I am 3/0/2 with 32 cs, and a 600g bounty. My bot lane gets a double kill on the enemy adc and supp. The enemy jungler (who is ahead of me) loses his bounty. I keep my bounty. Now the enemy jungler can kill me and take my bounty, but I can't do the same to him (and this actually happened: I all killed him and got no bounty, then he later revenge killed me and took mine). Bounty: https://i.imgur.com/65Bmut5.png[] No bounty: https://i.imgur.com/RL8yk3F.png[] And this isn't the only instance of dumb bounties I have seen. I have personally gotten a 450g bounty in a level 1 invade, and then I ganked nonstop and my bounty went away because my ganks failed and the enemy jungler out-csed me. So you can literally intentionally drop off your bounty by ganking. Instead of it being high risk with no reward (for failing my ganks), I'm being rewarded by having my bounty drop off as the enemy jungler farms. --------------- But in this case, this isn't what happened. I didn't out-farm the Jax and remove his bounty. **_Other players on my team got ahead_** and this removed the fed Jax bounty.... Like why. lol. What a dumb system. And I have no idea how to play around it. I go invade the Jax (who is in fog of war) to take his bounty, and then kill him and "lol jk, no bounty for you, your bot lane got a kill" (bounties don't update in fog, so you won't find out his new bounty until you're already on top of him).
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