The fact that the client uses more resources than the actual game is ridiculous

So... it’s been 2 years now since the client beta got released and NOT A SINGLE BUG has been fixed since then. Hell, to be completely honest, the public beta ran better than the current version for some reason. League’s client is in a sad state at the moment. Every patch makes it slower and laggier, to the point that I’m joining champ select 5-8 seconds later than before and I usually pick champions with 10FPS at best. How is it acceptable for a game like League? Why does a client even use up to 60% of my CPU just for its “fancy” animations and worthless effects? The low spec mode barely does anything, I see almost no difference between the normal client and the low spec version. Its bugs have been listed multiple times on Reddit, yet Riot refuses to do anything about it when in reality a lot of players have had a terrible experience with the new client for years now. Are you guys going to look at it anytime soon? It’s getting annoying, logging in is such a pain that it’s becoming not worth it.
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