Disgusted at how I am treated.

So I always play "fill" so people can play all the lanes they want. And I usually ban Kat if im 3rd or less pick. But this time I had Kat as first pick at support role. As I am most confident as Katarina, I picked her. After that none of my team went tank. So I was "Okay I can build tank, no issues." So the game starts. Top, jungler and mid feed as hell. I am assisting my ADC to farm with relic shield. We had 0/0 until like 20th min and my ADC was at ~150 CS. But then the jungler and mid started feeding the enemy ADC. They started hating on my pick. I kept silent and just build tank. As we were hardcore behind I tried to play as much defensive until I didn't get rylai and dead man's plat for the slows. As game processed my ADC had a lot of farm. Our jungler kindred kept trolling and saving enemies with his ult, so we started hunting the enemy one by one. I kept gifting our Xayah tons of kills, to a point where she could one shot the enemy ezreal the moment I slow him. I had 4500 HP and 300 armor with 200 AP at 50th min while managing to keep the enemy away off our inhibitors. Teamfights went like this. I engaged and ulted to aoe slow everyone with dropping my W on myself so if my ult drops I can have shunpo to chase off ezreal after his warp. Xayah kept burning the enemy down but kindred kept saving them, so our mix finally became useful and started snaring killing. I kept catching up the ezreal with Randium and rylai/dead men's plate slows. At 60th min all my team was dead. Except me and Teemo who was at base. They had only their Noxus up. Darius and Janna (enemy) were alive and defending. So I baited them to fight me. I baited them to red buff and kept them for over 20 seconds while teemo teleported on the nexus. He just did a last hit on it, as the minions were winning the game anyway. Game ends. As one of the people with major giving in the victory you might expect 4 honors. No... Xayah got 3 honors and teemo the 4th while I got 4 reports for "Troll pick"... This is disgusting and demotivating to try to win unwinnable games. p.s had over 100 wards placed that game. https://i.imgur.com/tPmaONc.png?1 https://i.imgur.com/H6aBgOy.png?1
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