Something to think about in this game (lorebased)

In this game, we have an orphan who trained to death every single day, rose up in ranks in the army, and overturned tides of war with sheer strength and willpower, who can fight another general who has been deemed worthy to ascend to Godhood. In this game, we have the manifestation of death getting countered by a being who is literally so damn strong he nerfs himself as much as possible to fight on the same playing field as others, for sport. In this game, we have a genius teenager who rummaged through rubble, got split in time, worked with himself, and now manipulates time, fight a cheeky ass child who has been deemed worthy by an aspect, simply because she don't give a fk about anything. We have a corrupted/fallen god who is so damn strong he physically can't die and now wishes to kill everything in hopes itll kill him, have the opportunity to fight a fat man only wearing a loincloth from the coldest part of the world, who searches for the perfect alcoholic drink so he can get hammered like never before. It kinda boggles my mind how not many aren't amazed by this
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