lol I tried. I'm sticking to Tekken. Coming back was a mistake. EDIT: I went stoneborn for mastery. Swain has Q for slow and W for roots. I max W then Q. The build i was going for was {{item:3116}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3050}} {{item:2302}} {{item:3001}} (insert boot of your choice). Now i have AoE slows on my R, E and Q which are all dots, W for roots that come up super faster. I zone with Q a lot along with having them fear being rooted by my W which leads to more zoning. Everyone attacking is getting healed and getting their stats boosted/additional effects from Stoneborn, Ardent and Zekes. I got AP to do damage. Health to stay alive. I got MR and Armor to be tanky. Going coin instead of the other two helps with mana spent and all that since it drops mana coins or whatever those are. I don't see the issue here.
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