So this happened.

I was just starting a game of bot lane bard. It's a little weird I know. Garen, top, vs a Kennen. Oh boy he must have a fun lane. Kindred, jungle vs Pantheon. Lucian, mid against Ezreal, decent. Karma and I, bot lane vs a Jhin and a Zyra, oh fun. Start to leash bot side jungle and Lucian goes off into the river near botlane/dragon pit and starts autoing the 4 people that are there and gives first blood. "Ok that was weird" Send a ? ping and move on. Karma and Lucian both go mid for the entire game, so I am stuck alone against their bot lane. This Lucian decides to call our team idiots and to "report and don't honor" the karma. Then proceeds to feed Ezreal 8 kills. Also the Karma is feeding at this point. As I'm in bot lane trying my best to defend my tower. I lose it of course... We had to surrender.. Can I just wipe this game from my match history? I feel like I get a lot of intentional feeders in my games. Am I doing something wrong? Did I forget to click a little box to make it better?
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