In the recent Competitive Ruling, why in the world is Uzi not suspended for what he did?

Sure, I could have posted this in E-sports, but I figure not many people tend to pay attention to that tab sometimes (could be wrong). Anyway, a ruling came out not too long ago, and several people got hit with warnings, and others got hit with fines. However, one particular pro did more things wrong compared to others in that ruling, and honestly him being in there shocked me. This pro is none other than Uzi. It's odd why one of the most valued ADs in the world and a player on a team that is very much favored to win Worlds this year, would do this (Copied straight from article: _"Jian “Uzi” Zihao was found to have exhibited negative behavior in solo queue during his bootcamp practice for the 2018 Worlds Championship Event. Our investigation revealed that Uzi received reports for ‘griefing towards teammates’ and ‘intentionally feeding’. A review of the relevant chat logs and game play history confirmed these reports. We also found out that Uzi was using an account not registered to him, but one that had been obtained either through account sharing or purchasing. Such account sharing or purchasing is strictly prohibited under the LoL Terms of Service and the Summoner’s Code. Based upon his negative behavior, griefing, intentional feeding and account sharing/purchasing, Uzi is being fined $2,000 for his actions."_ **Why. Why can't you just hit the guy with either missing a game or two, or making the team lose a ban in first or second phase?** RNG is basically getting a slap on the wrist with their biggest player getting out with just a fine. Shouldn't each org have an idea that behavior like this is unsportsmanlike, and should hold their players accountable and make sure they don't even do stuff like that in the first place? Same goes for pros. If you are gonna be nasty and do ban worthy shit, are you really worthy of being called a pro? Wasn't the goal of structuring Esports to be similar to what pro sports like the NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB are? The moment you do something really bad, you not only get hit with a fine, but you are suspended for x amount of games or sometimes in some cases banned from ever competing again. And Uzi's current ruling is a step in the OTHER direction. Letting him off with a slap on the wrist is like saying, " buying an account and griefing on the account since its not yours is not suspension worthy if you go pro." Anyway, what do you guys think? Good call or bad call?
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