The LP gain/loss is extremely messed up and needs to be fixed. Ranked rant.

Still gaining 16-17lp for wins, while losing 20-22lp for losses. **EVEN THOUGH I AM DOING WELL. With streaks!** Strangely, if you go on a losing streak JUST ONCE, whether it is due to you, or your team,(or prolly a good mix of both, but for the sake of the sanity of everyone lets just say its always your teams fault ;) You will be forced into the **BAD LP BRACKET ** and you will never climb out, no matter how many streaks i get, no matter how high my WR% is compared to that ONE LOSS STREAK i continue to only gain **16-17LP PER WIN, WHILE LOSING 20-22LP PER LOSS.** We all know the system is broken, and dont tell me "oh its your hidden MMR that REALLY decides what ur LP gains are" cause thats bs, i play with diamond+ in norms so my MMR is higher than that of my ranked stats, but my LP gains are still low. This truly and honestly needs to be fixed along with match making, no longer should players who are 2 divisions higher than players be forced to carry that or lose LP, especially when you are losing more lp than you can gain. The whole ranked experience needs to be repaired, from trolls and inters being free to play daily, to autofilled players, to mismatched teams seemingly completely one sided from the very champ select. We need to honestly look into how bad the ranked experience has become for most people, and its cause of toxicity due to people feeling trapped or "hardstuck" to the point where if they dont think a game is winnable right away they will just give up and quit because there will be no punishment, and their rank is still secured at 0LP as long as they dont lose 8+ in a row. I just wanted more attention to this topic, thanks for reading. -L
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