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We all know climbing as support main is kind of hard when you dont get teammates that know how to play at least barely. I get since more then 3 days literally only those kind of teammates that doesnt know how to play or how to end a game. Even when I get a huge lead for my adc we lose because my adc doesnt know how to use the lead or because the enemys on the other lanes are already so damn fed that they just oneshot my adc instantly. So Id like to have the option to reset my mmr during the season at least one time. I was upper gold and now Im close to silver again. Soon I`ll drop. It makes no fun at all to lose and lose and lose because the team has not a single idea how to win. I dont say I play perfect and without mistakes but I really cant believe that my teammates are at the same level and rank as I am and it is sad that a good support cant carry the game even when he arrange a lead for his adc and does his job in the game.
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