I guarantee at least one of the desginers of the new ("""new""") map was a Riven player

All 4 of the hardest walls in the game have guide markers of some sort to help you hop over them This makes it so that the hard part of getting over these is actually the camera angle, not remembering the location of the exact point that allows you to jump. The camera angle is much more imprecise At the right camera angle, lining your cursor up with these markers will get you over the wall with Q3 almost 100% of the time (these screenshots were taken from League's replay; these are not the correct camera angles): #1. The wall between blue base and its red buff: The top of this rock in the crack in the wall https://i.imgur.com/A4Kxwkr.png[] #2. Same wall, same marker, other direction https://i.imgur.com/yXVfw4u.png[] #3. The wall between top red buff and red base. Right in the middle of this patch of flowers, there's a little blank space https://i.imgur.com/8o1q9kr.png[] #4. Same wall, other direction: The big yellow flower https://i.imgur.com/c1CJwN0.png[] #5. The wall between bottom red buff and chickens: This little orange mushroom thing https://i.imgur.com/xT9UEtb.png[] #6. Same wall, same marker, other direction. Make sure you're coming from the thinnest point in the wall. Easiest to do with the camera on the north side of the wall https://i.imgur.com/68dau1Q.png[] #7. Top side red buff: This little grey corner on this tree trunk https://i.imgur.com/Mi7olpF.png[] #8. Same wall, same marker https://i.imgur.com/TzgOabP.png[] I once saw Dekar hop the wall between red buff and red base, which I thought was impossible, so I decided to try it out every time I got Riven in URF. Discovered these little markers myself and decided to share. They seem far too precise to be coincidental.
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