Is going Lux Support considered Trolling now?

I was accused of being a troll when I pick intent Lux Support (I've only gotten success while playing her support). I got an S+ on her a couple games prior (3/1/20), lost the previous game (still got an A, but I was forced to play like a second mid laner due to other circumstances that were out of my control). That game I got an S-, got the highest CC score in the game of 86, highest Vision Score in the game of 77, did more damage (to champions) than our Zed, got more gold than Warwick and Zed (granted I had coin, which is busted, I won't deny), and ended with a score of 5/7/26. I'm not saying this to brag about my end results, I'm asking an honest question. Is it really considered trolling now if you go a damage mage support? I played Lux as a support, didn't steal kills in the beginning to get my Twitch rolling, didn't buy Ardent Censor but I got Athene's BECAUSE I was going to be dealing damage instead of shielding 24/7, and then shielded when needed to block a bit of damage (or get assists before a fight started since sometimes my team was too far ahead of me and I couldn't do much except for ult, but I wanted to get my roots and slows off before I used my ult to deal as much damage and do as much peeling and catching as I could).
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