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Okay I’ma be straight with y’all, this new Rank system is complete ass and makes zero sense. Why would you take out the MMR system and replace it with....whatever this is. If anything y’all could have fixed the MMR system. And what’s up with the “each roll is a different rank” trash, every roll I have to do a different set of provisionals really.... I get what your trying to do, it sounds good on paper but this ain’t it Chief, the ranking system has gone to shit. Why should one be placed in different ranks for different rolls, what if I’m playing with a friend I. Duo’s and I decide to support him, a roll that isn’t my main roll and we constantly win, it’s good for my friend but the wins mean nothing to me, the +4LP you get adds up to Jack shit. Mind you I haven’t even started on the whole MMR thing.....just....just do us all a favor and switch it back before it’s too late
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