Things I felt Nexus blitz got right

* 20 minute gametimes felt great, I could accurately tell friends when I'd be done with my game! * Getting full build fast in the jungle/lane was great for trying new item combinations and champions * Randomized objectives kept each game fresh, on top of different enemy team compositions. I loved the 1v1 cage matches, of course some objectives were not as fun like skuttle racing (i thought each team would ride on the back of a giant skuttle! so my disappointment was unmeasurable lol) * Double jungle made jungle variability much more diverse, giving slow/previously unviable champs some help * Tons of skirmishes around the map, so it felt like an ARAM without the RNG and wasn't as claustrophobic as howling abyss and twisted treeline Nexus blitz just got so many things right for my friends and I. It was borderline depressing when it was taken out because most of my friends went back to playing other games. Removing nexus blitz felt a lot like removing ARAM bans for me, it gave me a taste of something I really wanted and the removal of it felt worse than never having it at all... but thats just my opinion
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