Riot thinks it's better to hide everything from the players because "toxic"

Seriously, think about how many things used to be public in this game and Riot has gone out of their way to hide them. Enemies and allies ping Load times into game Your own K/D/A (actual numbers not just the K/D/A total) Other peoples K/D/A List of their champs played in client When an enemy left the game When an enemy got executed Other peoples runes/masteries Riot has gone out of their way to hide all of these things on the simple logic of "players will be mean to each other" Seriously what kind of logic is this? I think if a Rioter ever had to go into a MW2 lobby they would actually kill themselves. People typing shit to each other in a video game is not an issue, and anybody who thinks it is is not emotionally stable enough to be on the internet.
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