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Hello Everyone! I would like to take the time to make a suggestion for Future Game-play. Now, many of us may find ourselves trying to rush changing our Rune Pages during the final Countdown in Champ Select to fit every single match-up we may encounter when Champions are locked in. This Includes the Primary, Secondary and all Stat Changes. It's a race against the clock before we are taken to the loading screen, only to find out (to our dismay) that the changes we attempted to make did not save. My Friends ("Zorinc" and "Cykablat91") and I (Graboid) thought of a nice solution to this. What is this solution, you ask? We thought it would be great to have the Rune Page selection/changes at the beginning of each match, before players step off the Summoners Platform for the first time. there is a solid 1 Minute 05 Seconds before Minions spawn, and an additional 25 seconds before Jungle camps Spawn. that would give players plenty of time to change their Rune Pages, and make tweaks based on their play-style/Match-up. Once players step off the Summoner Platform for the first time those changes become permanent for the rest of the Game being played. This would help in scenarios like Blind Pick and ARAM games where players don't see who they are laning against until the loading screen. Let me know your thoughts!
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