The biggest problem with the Sona emote away being locked away in such a low quantity.

Not only will most Sona mains be unable to obtain a rare emote for their beloved main. No, but most winners will probably not give a fuck about Sona or the emote, and will definitely sell it on Ebay or shit to desperate Sona fan's for an abnormally high amount of money. Seriously, how did Riot not see this coming? Literally a blind man could've seen such a problem coming from 7 miles away. Something champion specific should never be locked away like this, if it was like a spaceship icon, or icons that represent the content creator it would be less problematic, but you basically torture a whole fanbase this way. Like remember, people who made the ''Zed'' clubtag charged people for money in order to enter the club, since every clubtag has to be unique, people will just be scummy like that again to get their hands on easy money. So yeah Sona fans, i must apologize for this companys poor decisions at times.
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