Room 613, a Girl's Perspective

TL;DR - don't lower your expectations of minorities in order to improve numbers , don't forget/insult your primary audience , don't take advantage of real issues/history by harming others , do seek ways to better engage/uplift those in need of noting the aforementioned Edit: [very good post for the unaware]( + numerous grammar/clarity errors resolved To patronize, the expectation of _help_ in spite of one's capabilities, is understood. We patronize when affording certain rights, opportunities or forgivings to people whom we expect cannot do better without - it's a form of charity wrapped in condescension. When educating myself on the PAX controversy, I knew that I had been patronized. I learned of an opinion amongst many Rioters and their affiliates, that **[women are people in need of]( ~{1}~ [protection and seperate consideration]( ~{2}~ [should They one day come to par in fields]( ~{3}~ [otherwise "dominated" by the other half]( ~{4}~ **(yes, those are all individual links). I understood the subconscious expectation that men intimidate women, that history supersedes any moral, philosophical or ethical achievements made thereafter. I learned that many, those who matter and hold power in our community, would seek equality through tearing people down so that we may all stand equally - not for the better, but for a modification of their own prospective realities. PAX Room 613 was a safe-space. It served to both ease intimidation and enable women to succeed with knowledge - just not the type of knowledge intended to overcome the fear which warranted their segregation. When first entering college, I did so under Computer Science. My major-specific courses led me to lectures and labs whose constituency always meant that I would be a minority. I was used to being one of five in rooms of 200-some prospectives (exaggeration, you get the picture - it was a meat-fest). It intimidated me, I felt unsure and yes, perhaps I _would_ have felt a congesting sense of confidence should these emotions been recognized. I left the major for a number of reasons, most of which manifest in my own self-reflections, but I won't deny that if institutions recognized fear, intimidation and lack of confidence with **respect for what they are and where they manifest** rather than **hiding us affected from reality** that perhaps we would see numbers improve. When a child is afraid to make friends, do we alienate them for closure? Do we seperate them from school and teach them individually? It's an option, but is it in any way practical for the child's development? Will masking reality and teaching them that **your protectors will take care of you** something that should, or is, praised? For reference, the bolded statement in Paragraph Two (exclude TL;DR). The problem with Riot's approach to Women (~~and non-binaries - let's act as if that wasn't a token~~) was that they provided a valuable, informative event which alienated most of their core audience with no time in advance to warn under the premise that **Minorities are a class that need to be patronized in order for them to compete meaningfully to Men**. If there was a panel dedicated towards recognizing the factors which go into the desire for safe-spaces, if there was a panel dedicated towards Inspiring Women and Non-Binaries or Expressing the Excitement of STEM or even just Voicing Experiences to Humanize What is Otherwise Misunderstood - any of that could have done a better job at affiliating minorities, any of that could have been done without shunning half of your audience. Note, "half" is likely a generous term. Equal opportunity will lead us to unequal results, _that's okay_. There's nothing wrong if women naturally decide not to enlist themselves in STEM or video-games as a whole, there's nothing wrong if one day the roles reverse, **there's nothing wrong with people doing what they love**. What is wrong, and what I pray Riot won't do, is force statistical change. I don't want women to be X-50% of your workplace because you chose to deny equally/more qualified Others a position they could have done better. I don't want companies in general to lower their expectations of Women in order to make us feel what in their mind qualifies as better. I understand the disparity between sexes when it comes to STEM, I understand that it oftentimes feels ridiculous that this gap could be so large and I know that part of it lies in issues beyond choice **but that's only part**. We can't let this section of reality blind us from individual prerogative. Growing up, I felt a sense of pride that the people around me have grown to accept people as individual on levels beyond looks. I was happy that I knew that people could aspire to be who they wished with the only inequality which would suffice were those which manifest in our individuality. These past years have shaken that for me, it's a shame that one of the last places I had to escape the reality of 21st century politic is started to become congested. I love League of Legends, I love the community and I love the people I've come to recognize as my friends. I'm doing my best to discriminate what I've experienced this weekend from what keeps me logging in and playing, I'm going to continue supporting the game I love and I'm going to hold it in my heart that this is just a stumble for Riot Games and their affiliates. I want to support you, and if you choose to support those like me all I could hope for is that you do it by uplifting and expecting excellence from us - not by holding others down whilst denying the reality of what you've just done.
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