Whats the purpose of having ranks

So after just playing another game with a bunch of bronze players. With yet another lost to show for it because I haven't yet learned how to close out a game on my own. It made me wonder, what is the purpose for a rank when you will find yourself in a game with as low as iron 2 players as a silver 4 player. Look Ill be the first to admit it I'm still learning this game. But when I do everything I can to put my team in a situation to win just for them to make, well bronze mistakes. (in my case letting a Darius get 5 stacks and then just obliterate my team, which them leads my team to ask me why i didn't go into the fight). Anyway what really is the purpose of ranks? I understand having a 2 or maybe even 3 lvl difference in ranks but a full rank is a huge difference in understanding the game in my opinion. Anyway whats everyone else thoughts?
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