Curious how you Riot sets milestones and how the manage making new content

Ive been wondering how you guys set up miles stones? don't have to reveal too much, just in general do you set quotas for lets say "we want 1 skin a month" or "1 champion every 3 months"? something along those lines, or are each division managed independently, so content comes out at each own pace? is everyone given their own deadline or its it one giant push to say "okay by Valentines day we need xyz" and so on and so forth? do patches have predetermined dates? or as they work on it and get close to completion they say "hey i think we are ready lets set a release in 3 weeks"? This game is much different then a one off AAA, given some updates and patches and hot fixes, maybe even dlc, but as a game that is constantly evolving I am just curious on how all that is handled. Thanks guys!

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