Smurfing absolutely 100% ruins this game

I'm lvl 30 on my main account but am not the best player. (i'm a little slow in the head) On this new account, nothing but an enemy team FULL of losers bragging "lololol master or diamond smurf" then stomping us while talking extreme amounts of shit. I've already gotten 6 people suspended, that's effing unreal. They obviously don't care because it's a smurf account. I can't learn anything I can't even play Every match, I die, get spammed with taunts, insults then at the end, "ggez". Now I can take banter but this is legit cancer and extremely toxic and is ruining the game. It's like, congrats, you're stomping a bronze as a master elo. I'm guessing there's no way of dealing with smurfing?
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