Anyone wanna play in the clash beta?

I think it'd be fun to play with the community :D. A few requirements I'd ask: #1 - you're available for all the bracket windows to play #2 - I'm in silver so ideally you're around that elo XD. I've played up before, but would prefer to avoid it #3 - We are playing for similar reasons. I'm playing to have fun, meet cool people, and learn and hopefully win some cool stuff. I'm not interested in being the next Faker, or people who are mad that they aren't playing with the next Faker :). Respond with your role / interest and I'll randomly select ppl to join the team! See y'all in game! Edit: Dates! Team creation is Monday 8/19 - Friday 8/23. Games: 6pm OR 8pm PST Saturday 8/24 & Sunday 8/25 (I plan on playing both) Edit Edit: I'll randomly select 4 ppl from this thread late tonight / tomorrow and close this thread so people can know if they need to find new teams :) Edit edit edit: people have been selected via a random picker tool. Thank you everyone for your interest! Really excited to play Clash! Hopefully I see y'all on the rift :). People who were blessed by the RNG gods. I'll add y'all in game: Count Calculus Foxesh Skills of Luck Onlytrung

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