Would you play a League or Riot inspired TCG/CCG?

Seems like it would be fun and more for folks who also like to have that one on one or even two on two type of setting and competition plus when I get a feel for the game deck building is super fun for me. Plus their art team has had some really good splash art in the past and seems like it would be a nice extension in to the gaming business (I mean after all it is Riot GAMES yet there is only two games if you count the tabletop campaign). If anything to save on production make it an E-TCG exclusive. Anyone else think a different game type would be better? MMO? Battle Royale? Diablo style campaign? A campaign story mode similar to the odyssey last year but with a little more meat to it? Just figured I would post something that isn't complaining about being banned or nerfing the OP champions of the patch. XD
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