Started the season off pretty poorly, but the tides have turned

I started off in ranked this season losing 7 of my 8 placement games for top. It felt pretty bad, I got placed bronze 1 after being silver 1 at the end of last season. Probably no one cares, but I feel like I've been really lucky with my teams recently and have been playing pretty well for the most part, so I've gone on a huge winning streak. Of my last 16 ranked games I've only lost 1. Since Saturday (2 days ago) I've climbed from bronze 1 to silver 3 96 LP after being in Bronze 1 for a couple weeks, it really feels like my luck just changed all of the sudden. Anyway, here's my match history: I'm hoping to get to gold this season, though if the past is any indicator of the future this big winstreak will probably be followed by a huge losing streak haha.
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