Vote for Dr. Mundo!

Mundo is supposed to go where he pleases and he pleases to go to the VGU surgery room, NOW! You know you want it! We can no longer allow a weird PS2 cartoon game character to exist in modern league of legends! It is time to end his pleasure (well, we can't end his suffering, since he enjoys this....)! Imagine all the possibilities with this champion! Remember when they reimagined the old Crimson Akali skin into Infernal? Dr. Mundo has a "skin", which is basically just a green chroma, Toxic Mundo. Imagine if they change this.... into an awesome **CHEMTECH** skin! Finally he can have a badass skin! He also is so isolated in the lore. All we know of is that he has encountered Ekko. What if they make him have a special relationship with Evelynn? The ultimate sadist meets the ultimate masochist, it is a match made in hell! _______________________ [Vote for Dr. Mundo]( as VGU 2020! He can't do it himself, he forgot his name again!
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