Is really Riot that careless about their game or balance to the point of leaving Senna like that?

The numbers in summoner rift doesn't lies, the numbers in ARAM doesn't lie, her damage output, her dumb scaling and her whole overloaded powerful kit. And they know she is broken to the point of having over 70% banned rate and having both top tier picks in both Support and ADC plus the ability of her just to faceroll anyone and one shot them from long range as assassin. And they have put what a pitiful nerf on PBE, yet they don't want to hot fix her so the sales number on her skin keep going up ? Is Riot really doesn't care about their game anymore to this point that we see this shit going on ? You know what is worst ? Many people that played her or against her on PBE said she is broken yet both Riot and Community ignored, why people tend to ignore facts that coming from PBE and act like it some sort of joke that people say things are broken on PBE before it get release? Same shit happen with {{champion:82}} and when he came to PBE, he was broken. Stop fucking the facts that come PBE And act like people who say shit are broken on PBE are dumb people that know nothing about game.
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