Which of the op W abilities are the most annoying?

{{champion:84}} gives TRUE invis and essentially makes her immune to towers. {{champion:114}} negates any kind of damage AND status effects on her. {{champion:41}} cleanses him of any kind of CC. {{champion:104}} Makes enemies nearsighted for an incredibly long time and also lasts long. {{champion:86}} reduces damage, INCLUDING turrets. {{champion:11}} reduces all champion damage and also heals him for a prolonged period of time. {{champion:16}} heals champions and basically removes any kind of mistakes that the champion made. {{champion:23}} is a point and click slow that is basically permanently up with any kind of CDR. {{champion:157}} zones you from laning if you're ranged and basically makes it impossible for any ranged champions to CS. {{champion:142}} steals summoner spells and also does damage from autos. Which of these 10 are the most annoying?
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