Shyvana TFT - struggles

Do something with Shyvana in TFT I am already desperate. It's like over ''100'' times when I had 84 hp the last man standing had 20+- hp and fight me over 10 times. Same scenario Shyvana kills 6 champs alive solo 1v6. Truly alone after her mates are dead. Anyways, I've tried everything. I had assassins full classic combo + demons 2-3 star everything. Nah 2-star Shyvana just kills everything solo. Ok. I've tried Yordle+Demons+Element. Nah - burned mana? doesn't matter she **still transforms** even when she **has 0 mana!!** Even the guy against me was questioning how is that possible. I can't even count how many times I've lost from 80+ hp to 0 - 1v1 - against this. I mean, ofc I am glad for second place but just today this same scenario happened to me 5 times. It's just unkillable. Warmog, PD, Hydra, 4764 hp one-shot bye. - I even built 3 GA - Aatrox, Varus and Kennen and had silence, also two solari :)) - It felt like in practice tool cuz I had already maxed champs every time, some of them ultimate. I've tried repositioning them I've tried everything except building Shyvana too cuz I am never that lucky to get her with those items. However, don't get me wrong I am not crying here, I am happy to get second place every time also I've met a new Shyvana friend, thanks! What I am trying for is to point it up so somebody could notice since nobody knows where riot gets comments from the player base. If you know some very good strategy feel free to leave it here I would be more than happy to acknowledge it! I just get the feeling that I wouldn't stand alive till final with different comp. **Thanks for the attention!** _Wish you luck in Summoner's Rift!_ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Also a little questioning ^^
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