What actual player behavior ingame really upsets you?

And I mean not thinks like trolling or flame, but things people actually do ingame. Things which want you to start screaming at your computer, or find that player an give him a slap. Basically things, which people would consider as a douchbag action. For me it are those two: 1. When I play support and are right about to clear a ward, when this ADC stands right behind you waiting and you know, that he is gonna lasthit it. It is the moment when you want to slap him and scream: You little c.nt! It is my job to clear wards here, since I got the frickin sweeping lense and not you!! Oh look who´s got a whole lane forhimself to friggin farm on it? And guess who is supposed to get the **full** reward for deniing vision? 2._ Just Top-Lane things_: Sometimes you screw up in lane. Like when you playing {{champion:41}} and died early to a {{champion:59}} Top. Yes, it is not fun to play behind against champs like that. You are hugging your tower and just grap all the minions you can get without loosing half of your LP. You know that you won´t get a gank, since {{champion:28}} is doing her wulfes for the **4th** time and is 0/0/0 in min 12. So you are looking at J4 waiting him to finish his {{item:3047}} after he got already {{item:3142}} while your sitting still on your {{item:3044}} and {{item:3057}} . Because you know when he has finished it, he **will **dive you. And he will **kill **you. It is as sure as the Amen in the church. So you died to him. Welp besides from the usual: _Top pls play safe_ or/and _Top stop feeding J4_ which appears 2 secs after in Chat. Of course J4 and the enemy Jungler decide that they gonna destroy your turret, since that Jungler appears to be Topside while your {{champion:28}} prepares herself for the epic struggle to kill the Gromp 10 meters away. Your Tower dies the same moment when you respawn so you prepare yourself for the long walk of shame to your Toplane. At least there is a decent wave of joucy minions which is slowly pushing towards you. And then you see it. {{champion:28}} Emerging after the epic struggle from the husk of the Gromp move to the tribush. You already think _**Oh no.**_ You are setting your players to the League Gods and the Holy Faker, hoping she will just recall there leaving your wave alone... When you get finally there you get only to **q** a caster minion, earning yourself an angry "Alertping" on your head, because {{champion:28}} was about to kill it. The leave button suddenly appears very appealing. So what you consider to be the worst douchbag actions in the game? EDIT: Ye, I know that Point 1 is kinda invalid nowadays, but it is still obnouxious to me. It´s feels like they are showing disrespect for your hard work as Support.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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