Firing CertainlyT

I've seen a lot of people posting about Zoe and Yasuo and in their frustration over the champs saying that CertainlyT should be fired, which to me is an insanely drastic reaction. **This is the man's career.** It should not be wagered over things like the low cooldown of an ability (in a videogame), the mobility of a champion in a video game, or the enjoyment you do or don't get out of playing against a character **in a video game**. And he doesn't work in isolation. His champions are created in collaboration with other people at riot and released after teams and teams of people give it the go ahead. Yeah, maybe he could chill on the new, innovative abilities he imagines and likes to bring to the table (personally, i think it's great that he's cultivated such a diverse and interesting "body of work" as an "artist"), but that's a huge difference from him being fired. Maybe some people consider his designs overpowered, overloaded, and unfun to play against; but there's just as many people that consider those champions the most fun in the game to play and to master, because he designs so many challenges and high skillcaps into his champions that they offer the player a chance to learn and constantly improve every time they play. That's incredibly rewarding as a player.
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