The world is going "Dark Mode", Why is Riot going the Opposite way?

Hello, I don't mind change, no matter how much I don't like it, and I get the new fonts & logos and the effort in going "simple & minimalistic" But please for the love of my retinas, don't go white! You have every major company in the WORLD (Apple phones/macs, Android phones, Windows computers, Google software, even Reddit) implementing "Dark Mode" or "Night Mode" where they're making their screens black/dark as a response to GLOBAL DEMAND. If you're going to go with this room-illuminating white, please offer a Dark/Night mode option as well. You had it good, boys. Your glitchy client was at least nice to look at. Now you just look like you're trying to copy Epic Games store, which is pathetic to say the least given the amount of $ we throw at you.
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