Can we get more cinematics and actual events? (Rant post)

I feel like since _Riot_ put his hands on different projects ( See TFT, and apparently a new fighting game ) they are a bit giving up on league of legends.. Sure.. they are still releasing patches but we want to talk about recent " events " ? It seems that events are now " buy pass you play i give u skin " kind of events.. where are the new gamemodes? any pve map? or at least something that actually feels like an event and not just the weekly moneygrab time? And now that i'm at it i want to also point that i kinda miss the good old cinematics.. the ones where it was all about introducing a champion with a cool atmosphere/songs ( annie,varus,jinx,xayah rakan,jhin,sivir,ryze,amumu,ekko ). Now it seems like they just don't feel like it : Sylas ? 3 sec cinematic ( mostly ingame stuff ) ; Yuumi ? only teaser/trailer ( mostly ingame stuff ) ; Qiyana? teaser of a still image ; Neeko ? Only teaser/trailer ( mostly ingame stuff ) ; Pyke ? 1 min cinematic of still images ( pretty cool .. but only 1 min? ) and so on.. I really appreciated the awaken cinematic but... really? one cinematic for the whole season? Nothing else of any sort? I mean.. no cinematics.. no actual events.. no actual hype for new champions ( leak rate of 101% ), this season was shallow. PLEASE, WORK ON LOL, PEOPLE ARE STILL PLAYING, DONT MOVE ALL RESOURCES ON NEW PROJECTS SO FAST. upvote if true {{item:3151}}
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