Bullied for being a female gamer

So I played a normal game a few night ago with my hubby, and we got put with a "lovely" group of boys. I think they were teenagers, but who knows. Anyway, I will just go ahead and let you know that I am a female, I enjoy playing female champions, and I main support. So, of course these are all the descriptions of an "Egirl". But I do not stream, I do not play naked, and I do not ask for money. I just enjoy LoL and playing/spending time with my husband. Anyway, as the game starts, these "lovely" boys decide to immediately label me as an "Egirl". I tried to ignore them, but it was constant. Everytime I said something positive in chat, or helped get a kill, these boys bullied me. Of course, they received a lovely report from my husband and I after the game. But is this really necessary? Can girls not enjoy playing games as much as guys do? And why is it that guys who main Male champions dont have to suffer? Why is there so much hate in this game? Are there any other girls out there who have had to deal with this?
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