The trolls in aram -_-

So.. why is it just because it's "ARAM" it means people feel like they can do whatever? Afk, troll, troll build, int. Just had a game on alt where garen went full AD (Which isn't bad) but the dude was 1-8 like.. 10 mins or shorter into the game.. So all I said was "Not sure if garen is trolling or not, but yeah" and I IMMEDIATELY got the response of "I'm having fun, STFU" like what?? I just mentioned my 2 cents and you instantly flame? K. Not only that, the lee sin persists to tell me "It's aram, who cares" like uhhh I do? It MAY just be aram but trolling/inting still ruins the game for SOME of us. I get it's not ranked or whatever but it's STILL PVP. Go do that crap in bot games or some other sh-t.. Ugh. Stupid logics..
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