Riot, why do you guys keep nerfing Taliyah?

"Taliyah has a lot of strengths that are great in pro play, and just okay elsewhere. A lot of that comes from Q's waveclear, so the bulk of our mechanical changes focus on that ability (with tuning elsewhere). Taliyah will have to work harder to shove a wave and roam so that her opposing laner has more room to punish those roams. We're also decreasing the terrain control she brings from her ultimate, as it's bringing too much utility beyond just its roam strength. " -Patch 8.11 Notes I personally love to play this champion because in my opinion she's super fun to play but I can't help but notice that Riot has made it nearly impossible to play her now a days. They nerfed her health last patch as well as her Q saying Taliyah has "Too much wave clear" now with this latest patch (8.11) they have nerfed her again but even worse! I can't help feeling she's already one of the weakest champions on the rift and as far as where she is in tiers, she's number 4. With this latest patch notes for Taliyah, Riot said "Taliyah has a lot of strengths that are great in pro play, and just okay elsewhere." I get that Riot will tend to buff and nerf champs based on pro players and I get she was super strong in Spring Split and MSI but honestly Riot we are not all pro players here. And even they acknowledged that when they said "Just okay elsewhere." Basically meaning she is just "okay" if not played by a more experienced player aka a pro player. Now I wanna talk about the perks of these changes to Taliyah. They have buffed her movement speed from 325 > 340 and her base health from 502 > 535 so thank you for that. But pretty much all of her abilities have been nerfed. Her Q is the thing I probably have the most problem with this patch so I'm gonna focus on that. Q Threaded Volley Removed AOE: No longer deals area of effect damage Removed STONES AND STONES: Minions no longer take reduced damage from additional rocks Removed WORKOUT: Taliyah no longer gains movement speed when on Worked Ground (Since they have buffed her MS I can be a little more understanding to this one but still.) Removed WORK IT: Casting Q on Worked Ground no longer refunds mana New WORK IT: While on Worked Ground, Q cost is reduced to 1 mana Cooldown 11/9/7/5/3 seconds > 9/7.5/6/4.5/3 seconds All I'm saying is that in my opinion, unless a pro player is playing her, she's super weak. And I really wish Riot would see that a little more and work to fix it so she can be her own unique and strong champion to all players who take the time to practice her. {{champion:163}}
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