Why are we so afraid of true damage?

Why cant Kayle have true damage? People say that she just goes late and auto wins like its a bad thing. Why was that a bad mechanic? I have 500 games on Kayle right now and its just not worth it to pick her. Shes trash tier without a silver lining. You picked her before because you at least look forward to the late game where you got wrecked for 30 minutes and now you can take it back to your bullies. Now she gets dunked for 30 minutes with no respite. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. Why is it a bad thing to have a champion that "auto wins late." I do not even want to go into how wrong that statement is but thats what I hear everyone saying, is that it was a broken mechanic, it was toxic, and it was something you couldn't play against. If that was really the case she would have had a much higher playrate! Plus, how many times did I, as the Kayle OTP face another Kayle, and kill her at level 16 because I knew her weaknesses after they took my champ in champ select?
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