Why do Prestige Points expire?

Is there any legitimate reason for them expiring at the start of each new year? I'm sitting at 51 Prestige Points and it sucks knowing that if I decide to buy 2 more passes for other skins I want to farm out, I wont be able to combine the old Prestige Points I saved up with the new ones to get a third. I've seen this question asked a good number of times and Riot still hasn't given a legitimate answer yet. The prestige points are included in the bundle that I **PAID** for, so why are those limited? They aren't part of the limited event and specific Prestige skin, so why can't they be carried over after January? **EDIT:** Wouldn't it make far more sense for only the selection of permanent Prestige skins we can buy with PP changes at the end of each year instead? When did it become okay to just put an expiration date on the in-game currency peopled **PAID** for in games?
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