Mains whining....

I know I know here come the down votes, but damn! Shut up! Boards quality is so low because of people post about Irelia's ass or whining about their main being weak. LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE META SHIFTS ALL THE TIME! Champions get buffs and reworks. There are 140 champions in the game. 57 of those champions are good on top lane. 47 of those champion are good on mid lane. 29 of those champions are good on support. 21 of those champions are good as the AD carry (or botlane carry as we’re counting Ziggs. This number might vary if we count in for example Cassiopeia being player on botlane challenger, or Leblanc). 48 of those champions are good on jungle. So if your main champion gets nerfed or is buggy JUST PICK ANOTHER CHAMPION TO PLAY FFS! There are about 50 champs that are meta. So if you do not want to feel weak learn how to play them. :) GLHF everyone!
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