Okay, chat restrict for this (You will be surprised how the system report works now)

Game 1 Pre-Game juanmiscar277: i can but im actually garbage In-Game juanmiscar277: i go top after red juanmiscar277: holy juanmiscar277: that leash juanmiscar277: okay man juanmiscar277: sej so tanky jesus juanmiscar277: LOL? juanmiscar277: i spammed it juanmiscar277: .. juanmiscar277: im k juanmiscar277: whgat juanmiscar277: that was at min 1 juanmiscar277: are u seriously saying its my fault juanmiscar277: that u lost top juanmiscar277: dude juanmiscar277: are u serious juanmiscar277: are juanmiscar277: you serious juanmiscar277: actually juanmiscar277: this guy is actually serious juanmiscar277: pyke juanmiscar277: stay bot juanmiscar277: adcs dont know how to 1 v 2 juanmiscar277: aatrox? juanmiscar277: he flashed juanmiscar277: everyone hates me btw juanmiscar277: in my team juanmiscar277: shut up please juanmiscar277: im going to mute u juanmiscar277: if u tell me what to do juanmiscar277: again juanmiscar277: dive juanmiscar277: with r juanmiscar277: brand f? juanmiscar277: they al hgave summs juanmiscar277: up juanmiscar277: ok juanmiscar277: 13 min juanmiscar277: in game juanmiscar277: and the immobile supp juanmiscar277: has both summs juanmiscar277: against an assasin with stealth juanmiscar277: look at the tower hp juanmiscar277: wtf juanmiscar277: wtf juanmiscar277: my adc does no dmg juanmiscar277: sure it is juanmiscar277: no r kayle juanmiscar277: ok juanmiscar277: i do no dmg to ez juanmiscar277: can we ff i can't play this juanmiscar277: im useless juanmiscar277: u see juanmiscar277: 555 gold juanmiscar277: klepto juanmiscar277: go juanmiscar277: finally he ults juanmiscar277: jebaited juanmiscar277: yup juanmiscar277: they stack armor juanmiscar277: for some reason juanmiscar277: ? juanmiscar277: building dmg? juanmiscar277: lel juanmiscar277: i engage juanmiscar277: wathever juanmiscar277: he doesnt die juanmiscar277: kayle red juanmiscar277: kayle juanmiscar277: ok juanmiscar277: kjyle great champion juanmiscar277: so much dmg juanmiscar277: legit nobody has mr juanmiscar277: and she does no damage juanmiscar277: so what juanmiscar277: im worse player than you? juanmiscar277: bc of 1 bad game? juanmiscar277: im not crying juanmiscar277: i just said kyle does no damage juanmiscar277: report for what juanmiscar277: everyone gave at least 2 shutdowns juanmiscar277: i died 11 times in a row juanmiscar277: i gave less than 1k gold in total juanmiscar277: kaisa gave 2 shutdowns juanmiscar277: gg guys! juanmiscar277: what an unlucky game juanmiscar277: man Game 2 Pre-Game juanmiscar277: can i jg? juanmiscar277: i cant adc juanmiscar277: ? juanmiscar277: armor juanmiscar277: full ad juanmiscar277: take a jg tank juanmiscar277: jg tank and we win In-Game juanmiscar277: 30 g juanmiscar277: save w juanmiscar277: oops i didnt have f juanmiscar277: im tilted juanmiscar277: ty juanmiscar277: aatrox f? juanmiscar277: luiss juanmiscar277: du juanmiscar277: dude juanmiscar277: alriht juanmiscar277: auto juanmiscar277: or w juanmiscar277: or somerthing juanmiscar277: u just juanmiscar277: straight run away juanmiscar277: im at 1 lp juanmiscar277: so i dont care juanmiscar277: ur gona lose juanmiscar277: not me juanmiscar277: DUD juanmiscar277: E juanmiscar277: E juanmiscar277: E juanmiscar277: E juanmiscar277: E juanmiscar277: WHERE IS YOUR E? juanmiscar277: where did u use your e bro? juanmiscar277: i dont get it juanmiscar277: yup juanmiscar277: unlucky juanmiscar277: :d juanmiscar277: i have 1 lp juanmiscar277: so idc juanmiscar277: im not flaming juanmiscar277: im pointing facts juanmiscar277: liss is 0/2 juanmiscar277: yea unlucky juanmiscar277: im not gonna flame you bro juanmiscar277: dont even try juanmiscar277: unlucky juanmiscar277: ah juanmiscar277: close juanmiscar277: we will kill him next time dont worry juanmiscar277: ornn is 0/4 btw juanmiscar277: what killed me juanmiscar277: they think i will get banned or something juanmiscar277: for having a bad game juanmiscar277: go ahead juanmiscar277: im not juanmiscar277: ornn have the same score juanmiscar277: as me juanmiscar277: orn juanmiscar277: is juanmiscar277: 0/4 juanmiscar277: 0/4 juanmiscar277: nice hitboxes juanmiscar277: ornn supp juanmiscar277: u saw that in lcs right? juanmiscar277: im jus tasking him juanmiscar277: wtf juanmiscar277: where did he get the idea juanmiscar277: we can win juanmiscar277: be positive juanmiscar277: i'm not .. juanmiscar277: omg.. juanmiscar277: see we got nami juanmiscar277: without reason juanmiscar277: we can win juanmiscar277: believe juanmiscar277: i do no daage juanmiscar277: lmao juanmiscar277: damage Post-Game juanmiscar277: -1 juanmiscar277: oah Game 3 In-Game juanmiscar277: what juanmiscar277: top 2 jarvan in korea uses it juanmiscar277: e q juanmiscar277: auto auto auto juanmiscar277: wtf juanmiscar277: last gank top juanmiscar277: waste of time juanmiscar277: flash? juanmiscar277: he still hav ef?!?!? juanmiscar277: how the f u died?? juanmiscar277: u diewd 1 v 1 juanmiscar277: wtf juanmiscar277: every jungler is trash juanmiscar277: for you juanmiscar277: as usual juanmiscar277: xd juanmiscar277: if u are more than in the middle of the lane juanmiscar277: it's your fualt juanmiscar277: even if we kill him juanmiscar277: it's not worth juanmiscar277: all muted juanmiscar277: ? juanmiscar277: good flash juanmiscar277: BOT juanmiscar277: DRAKE? juanmiscar277: I wasnt looking juanmiscar277: my fault juanmiscar277: sorry juanmiscar277: camping the tank juanmiscar277: lmo juanmiscar277: lmao juanmiscar277: he gives no gold anyway juanmiscar277: u just juanmiscar277: saved juanmiscar277: him juanmiscar277: im not coming top juanmiscar277: anymore juanmiscar277: what juanmiscar277: that was juanmiscar277: kinda bullsht juanmiscar277: my e q didnt worjk juanmiscar277: wow juanmiscar277: what is going on juanmiscar277: this game juanmiscar277: ._. juanmiscar277: i got maokai juanmiscar277: kennen juanmiscar277: 1 v 1 juanmiscar277: and now sivir juanmiscar277: .______. juanmiscar277: kennen flashed by the way juanmiscar277: :D juanmiscar277: we lost juanmiscar277: lulu juanmiscar277: dodge juanmiscar277: something juanmiscar277: i know juanmiscar277: wtf juanmiscar277: did u just walk juanmiscar277: to him juanmiscar277: u need me juanmiscar277: in fights juanmiscar277: who is the problem juanmiscar277: azir? juanmiscar277: nope i cant oneshot him juanmiscar277: sadly juanmiscar277: sorry juanmiscar277: just straight run away juanmiscar277: gj jarvan juanmiscar277: LOL juanmiscar277: OUTHEALEDPLAYED juanmiscar277: NO DPS juanmiscar277: guys juanmiscar277: ? juanmiscar277: this azir fuking nanoying juanmiscar277: god juanmiscar277: fuking die juanmiscar277: u dont even know how to play that champion juanmiscar277: yeah juanmiscar277: ezreal also juanmiscar277: perma ganking a tank juanmiscar277: and getting all the kills juanmiscar277: LMAO juanmiscar277: 5 times juanmiscar277: all early game
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