Call me what you will, but I'm sick of my team always throwing.

"It's not your team it's you." "Don't blame your team cause-" Shut the hell up with that uppity garbage okay? This seems to always happen every damn game. My team is ahead in every lane, I give my ADC kills (Support main), everything is ours. We dominate the early game, crush the mid game, but for some idiotic reason, my team never closes out. They never go for objectives, but constantly go for picks to inflate their KDA, then when a game should be over by 24 minutes, the game goes on till 34 minutes, then while my teammates constantly continue to go for picks, they end up dropping on 3-5 people and dying, throwing away a damn lead. We lost a damn game becasue my braindead, r%%%%%ed teammates are so focused on%%%%%ating their stats, that they don't know that objectives win games. Our team outdamages theirs by 33,000, we're up by 4,000 gold and yet, we still lost. This absolutely happens every fucking game and I'm completely, utterly and absolutely sick of it. No matter how hard you ping for objectives, they ignore it to get a pick on the 0/4 Janna, no matter how you ping the turret at 200 health, they decide to dive the 100% health Ahri and fail a dive. It is absolutely impossible to win a game when you're thrown into a group of absolutely kill happy monkeys that think that just because you did the most damage to champions, that you're carrying. Well guess what, if you do 30,000 damage to champions, yet you still die 7 freaking times, you're still doing it wrong. Because you decided to drop on the seemingly caught out Kayle, you drop on their whole damn team and throw a baron. Literally losing a game when I'm 12 kills ahead and 33k gold in the lead. If you want proof that elo-hell exists, it's right here at freaking Gold 3. P.S. Apparently you can say braindead, but you can't say r.e.t.a.r.d.e.dā€¦ >.> In case you're wondering on the match I'm talking about in particular.
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