FF at 15?

Why do people try to quit the game so early. If someone loses lane or if someone feeds its instant almost that 3 people just want to quit making the 20-40 minutes all of the players have put into the game a waste of time. I am so sick of it. If you repeatedly want to surrender before an inhib is broken you need to stop playing the game because you obviously don't like playing the game. You should be behind in half of your games, get over it, learn to play from behind. 99% of times below diamond teams throw anyways and if they don't its done quickly most of the time regardless. I get wanting to surrender when they have a fed Darius who just stands at your spawn pad getting kills ignoring turrets, or a team that just wanders around padding their stats and not ending. Even if you have an afk or something. Makes sense. But just because they other team is ahead does not mean the game is over and you need to stop your defeatist attitude and play it out.
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